Williamsburg, VA: One Third of the Historic Triangle

The first stop on our American road trip (and I’m using this word loosely – we visited like 5 states) was Colonial Williamsburg! It forms part of the Historic Triangle, joined by nearby Jamestown and Yorktown, each with its own important references in American history. We stayed in the Marriott’s Manor Club at the Ford’s Colony and I could not recommend it enough. The staff were friendly and helpful, and the hotel is just a short drive from everything you are likely to want to see in that part of the state. Coupled with huge apartments and beautiful views, it really was a great place to stay!

Marriott's Manor Club at Ford's Colony - Williamsburg, VA

The nearby houses are also beautiful so, if (like me!) you’re from a part of the world where you can only reasonably expect to live in a shoe-box, you’ll be in awe. I knew land in America was cheap, but I didn’t realise it was so cheap! If the area grows on you then just know that you can buy a huge 4 bedroom house for about £150,000. (Anyone want to move with me??)

But back to the point: if you’re a huge history buff (like most visitors of this area) then you’re likely to want to see everything that it has to offer .. and there’s a lot! Bring your walking shoes, because you’re definitely going to need them. I’d recommend three-four packed days if you want to see all the places of historic importance but, if you’re just going for an understanding of what life was like in 18th Century Colonial Williamsburg (like me!), then you can expect a much more relaxed holiday.

All the museums and buildings in Colonial Williamsburg provides an amazing experience of the 18th Century but, as they receive no funding from the government to sustain the area, it requires a pretty expensive ticket. Expect to pay around $41 if you want to enter the city sites, the Governor’s Palace and the Capitol. Obviously, for a large family, this can really add up. Instead, you could opt to roam around the area for free! It really is a beautiful place and, because area have been maintained as closely to what they would have looked like (including the original road signs!), it provides a wonderful experience.

Colonial Williamsburg

People are incredibly friendly and always dressed in character – I was surprised how many layers they wore in a humid state with no air conditioning, but hey! If you chat to them you can get an idea of what life would have been like for them 250 years ago, and it’s incredibly interesting. They have a lot of knowledge of the area as well, so don’t be embarrassed to ask if (like us) you’re not much of a history buff!

Colonial Williamsburg

There’s also a whole line of shops in the main square if you wanted to pick up some gifts for family and friends. Keep an eye out for the horse drawn carriages, too – they make quite an experience and a fun way to get around the town without having to walk in 30 degree heat! Remember that nowhere has air conditioning (keeping to true 18th Century America), so dress for the heat.

And finally, keep an eye out for the sunsets because they were some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen!

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A guide to Colonial Williamsburg, VA!



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