Alicante, Spain: Giant Mushrooms and Photo Spots

I visited Alicante with four of my best friends for a week over summer, and I’m so excited to share some photos! Whilst I must admit that it strongly reminded me of a Spanish version of Margate (some areas are ridiculously touristy), I loved the food and the generally relaxed vibe of the city. There was a lot to see and do without feeling really crammed or busy, so we were still able to have that fun but relaxing holiday that we were hoping for.

We found this lovely AirBnB apartment within walking distance to both the beach and town, which made it so convenient for everything we wanted to do! My highlight was definitely the Castillo de Santa Barbara, a 9th Century castle sitting on the top of a mountain. Not only was the entire castle beautiful and packed with history, but the views from it were stunning.

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I also really loved the rocky part of Playa de Postiguet (the beach near the centre of Alicante), but I wish I’d made the trip during sunrise/sunset when it would have been emptier. Either way, it was ridiculously beautiful spot (and made for a great Insta background!)

And finally, would it even be a photo blog on Alicante if it didn’t include a picture with a giant mushroom?? I must admit, I was slightly disappointed with that street (it looks a lot cooler in the photos than in real life), but I am happy we visited .. it’s just so iconic.

And to end the post, here are some final tips if you’re visiting Alicante..

  • Visit Playa de San Juan – it’s way nicer than Playa de Postiguet, yet only a short train journey away (you get sun for more hours of the day, so better for sunbathing, and there are loads of great restaurants nearby too!)
  • Visit Xiringuito Postiguet! It’s a super cute and cosy beach bar on Playa de Postiguet, where we probably spent about 80% of our holiday .. the drinks are reasonably priced (and yummy!) and the atmosphere is awesome too. One night they even had live music!
  • All ice cream / gelato near the beach is amazing. Trust me, I think we tried them all..
  • In the centre of town, there are streets filled with great bars and nightclubs (with awesome reggaeton music, if you’re into that!) There are always people outside offering free shots etc if you go inside, so you can have an incredibly cheap night out if you do some bar hopping!

Have you ever been to Alicante, and do you have some tips to add? Comment below!


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