I’m Malvika, a 21 year old London-based banker. Growing up, my family were huge on travelling. Their philosophy was that “no one can ever steal your memories”, and so presents were seldom but experiences came by frequently. That stuck with me. I’ve now visited 43 countries and counting. There’s nothing I love more than escaping the glass jungle of Canary Wharf and travelling abroad. I tend not to be too fussy on where I go – so long as there’s great culture, beautiful sites and delicious food, I’m in!

Saying hi to my first kangaroo at Jervis Bay, Sydney!My blogging journey started in 2017. It was after my six-month study abroad in Sydney, where I had the most amazing time touring the east coast. I cuddled koalas, swum with sharks and learnt to scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef. It was an experience I’ll never forget, and let me tick a few things off my never-ending bucket list!

I’m not really one for keeping in touch, and I’m sure my friends and family can attest to that. Whilst abroad, I made GoPro videos of the highlights of my trips to show them when I got home. It started a passion for photography and videography, which became something I really wanted to share with the world. After heavy encouragement from some of my best friends, I started this blog (and my YouTube channel) to share my adventures.

So, enjoy having a read (and a watch) of some of my favourite trips. I hope that, if nothing else, my adventures can entertain you or share some amazingly gorgeous places for you to visit. For me, it serves as my creative outlet and an encouragement to spend more of my time and money exploring the world. I’m excited to see what my 44th country will be!

If you have time, please leave a comment or share some love – it’d make my day!

Enjoy xx

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