A Day in Washington D.C.

The more American tv shows I watched, the more I fell in love with Washington DC and the idea of visiting it. When we were planning our ‘road trip’ we realised it’s a pretty convenient stop-off location when driving between Williamsburg and New York. We also have family there – how perfect!

Unfortunately we only had two half-days there and so we had to make the most of it. It’s a much larger city than I’d realised, with a lot to see, so I think another trip in the future will be necessary! The city is packed with free museums and art galleries which I’d really love to spend some time in. In particular, the Smithsonian, since it’s such a big part of one of my favourite childhood films (Night at the Museum, anyone??)

The Washington Monument at sunset

On our first half-day, we went and visited a few of the historical monuments at sunset and at night. The colours in the sky were absolutely stunning, and it made for some gorgeous photos. I would have liked to visit them all, and get a photo outside the White House, but there just wasn’t enough time!

On our second half-day we went on this absolutely amazing river cruise up the Potomac from Alexandria to Georgetown. Alexandria itself was incredibly quaint, with some old cobbled streets, gorgeous houses and a few photo walls (how cheerful is this bright yellow wall?) We went on the 4th of July, so it was wonderful seeing the houses adorned with colourful American flags.

The river boat had beautiful views from all sides, and also allowed me to get the rare shot below, where the historical buildings on the National Mall line up perfectly! It was a really unique way to see the sights and I’m glad we went. I’d wanted to celebrate the 4th on the National Mall, but this was definitely more serene!

It was really wonderful exploring Georgetown – it’s a beautiful area, with amazing restaurants and cafes. One of the highlights for us was a local recommendation – the Baked and Wired cafe. They sell coffee and cakes which, once you get over the amazing pun of their name, are absolutely amazing!

The houses were also incredibly cute, and it’s definitely the kind of place I could see myself living. A lot of them were old and had a wonderful history behind it, such as those situated by the canal below.

The brick walls and potted plants made for some cute photo opportunities, too! If you’re lucky you’ll be travelling with people who are better at taking photos of you than my parents are (aka anyone)!


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